Gender Identity does not exist: Explaining Transgender 3

Brazilian travesti porn star Lisa Lawer, once a hot babe, now a good-looking, married,  guy. ‘Gender Identity’ much?

In the West, both ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’ activists have spent 50 years trying to persuade us all that sexual orientation and so-called ‘gender identity’ are two totally separate things, but this is a lie. Boys become girly to attract men and girls become manly to attract women. That’s all there is to it.

Ah, you say, what about those ‘transgender’ women who are attracted to women? What about that then?

Gender Identity does not exist: Explaining Transgender 3 was originally published on Rod Fleming’s World

These are just as much informed by their sex drive, but in this case, their attraction is to themselves, as women, This is called autogynephilia. It is defined as ‘a man’s propensity to become sexually aroused at the thought or image of himself as a woman.’

They appear to be women because they are the women of their own dreams — well, erotic fantasies, anyway. Unsurprisingly, they retain a heteronormative male attraction to women. (You can’t be autogynephilic without being gynephilic first.)

Masculine Gays?

This is what you think is masculine? Rly? Specsavers, you need

Perhaps you scream in desperation, ‘What about  masculine gay men? I’m sure I met one once!’ This is a function of social intolerance. Many homosexual men in the West pretend to be masculine and spend a lot of effort trying to appear as butch and buff as they can. This is partly in order to fit in to an intolerant society. But the fact is, if you’re seeking to be plunged by a thick hard length, you’re not masculine; and if you only do the plunging, you’re not really homosexual.

The other reason, as I explained here,  is that in the West today, gays are expected to have sex with each other. Since they are

Juno Dawson, former gay guy, now transsexual

themselves only attracted to masculinity, this social expectation leads them to become masculine-appearing, in order to attract other gay men doing the same thing. As one transsexual friend said to me ‘Gays are women pretending to be men in order to have sex with other women pretending to be men.’

As this excellent piece by formerly gay, now trans author Juno Dawson confirms, most ‘gay men’ are actually transsexuals manqué. Their masculinity is just a facade.

Asia: Reality-check

In Southeast Asia, in countries like Thailand, the Philippines and elsewhere, Gender Non-Conforming, (GNC) children are given both a developmental pathway (by transitioning) and a social role. But to do this they need to conform to the local cultural expectations. These reinforce the link between gender and sexual role.

Asian cultures are partially matriarchal, so this tends not to be applied in a harsh or judgemental way. Instead, GNC boys are understood to be both homosexual and girly; their transsexual behaviour is a function of their nascent homosexuality.

GNC individuals who fit into the autogynephilic profile are also subject to cultural expectations. These are that they will, as young transwomen, appear to be beautiful, act in a feminine manner and seek male partners. This is why Dr Sam Winter found only 0.3 percent of respondents agreeing that they were attracted to women in his large survey. Liking women, as a transwoman, would be far more challenging to society there than a male liking other males, or a female liking other females.

Yes, this does mitigate against their freedom, but at the same time, in collectivist, powerfully family-oriented cultures such as are found in southeast Asia, the trade-off is positive for the young GNC person. They are accepted, usually, by those around them. (Fathers can be hostile but mothers and sisters are usually supportive; since these cultures have domestic matriarchy, where women are in authority in the home, the children are somewhat protected from masculine opprobrium.)

What does this have to do with the West? Well, here the drive towards transgender is NOT happening in the context of a powerful, supportive family system, as it does in Asia. Nor is there the wider, sympathetic ‘beki’ culture that I describe here. The nuclear family itself is under existential threat in the West and this means that other systems, largely functions of the State, are being drawn in. This is not, in my opinion, a good idea; it smacks more of Iran than southeast Asia. It reeks of coercion for political reasons, rather than love and respect.

The ‘transgender movement’

I have become deeply distrusting of the ‘transgender movement’ for its clear attempts to coerce parents and vulnerable children into following a transitioning route at too early an age, and to persuade the State to provide drastic surgical interventions, more or less on demand, to people too young to understand the gravity of the decisions they are taking — or that are being taken on their behalf.

This is not Asia or South America, where a person can have numerous presentations throughout their lives and still be socially accepted. Particularly because we have allowed ‘Identity Politics’ to become ascendant over family, it is not easy, in the West, to change and especially not to desist from a trans expression.

To do so requires us to leave an ‘identity group’ that we have become a part of and that has supported us; we lose all the status we gained from it and worse, it may become hostile to us. This hostility is often seen, directed by ‘trans activists’ at outspoken desisters — or indeed anyone who challenges their glib and specious narrative (voir Blaire White.)

Horror stories

We are today finding horror-story after horror story, especially from young women who were persuaded that they were trans far too young and have undergone serious, life changing surgeries which can NEVER be undone. To allow a child to set out on a pathway that is intended to lead to sterility and surgical mutilations is clearly irresponsible and a dereliction of our duty of care — dereliction which is being actively promoted by so-called ‘trans activists’.

Desistance and the damage of trans activism

Outside the West, desistance is commonplace. Frequently, once a transwomen is past her early 30’s, she will revert to a masculine presentation. Partly this is to do with her looks but also, to but it bluntly, it is far easier for a gay man to get sex in these cultures than a transwoman. If a transwoman has not found a life partner by that stage, pressure to desist increases.

Transsexuals will often revert to being gay men. Autogynephiles, in a reversal of the common Western pattern, may become heterosexual men. Sometimes they will get married and have children.

A classic example this would be former Brazilian travesti

Lisa in her glory days. Gotta admit, she was hot. By the way, this should torpedo the idea that the typical Western autogynephile, not known for erm, feminine beauty, is found all over the world. AGPs can indeed be gorgeous — but are rarely petite.

(transgender) star of over 80 porn movies, Lisa Lawer. After a career in which it is fair to say she left no sexual stone unturned, she got religion, gave up being a girl and married a distant cousin. When last I heard, she was a father.

So what should all this tell you? Well just this: the oft-repeated claim that ‘sexual orientation and “gender identity” are separate’ is a blatant, barefaced lie.

Gender presentation is a direct function of sex drive. Homosexual males are naturally feminine and, where circumstances allow, they will present as women in order to be attractive to men. These are the classic transsexual or Blanchard HomoSexual Transsexual — so feminine that they have real difficulty living as men.

Autogynephiles will present as women because they get a powerful sexual hit just from doing so. It’s that simple. Every time a transvestite AGP uses a women’s toilet, she gets sexual gratification. Every time she walks past a mirror, the same. Every time someone calls her ‘she’, it’s another sexualised reward.

Gender Identity is a big fat lie

‘Gender Identity’ is a canard. It doesn’t exist. Nobody has one, outside of their sexual desires. Men look masculine to attract women; homosexual men in the West look masculine to attract women pretending to be men; in Asia they look feminine to attract other gays (at least it’s logical).

Another travesti, and contemporary of Ms Lawer, Dany Evangelista. Dany is transsexual; notice how delicate her features are and how slightly built she is (she’s 5’3″) Included for sheer prurience.

Transsexuals look like women to attract men and autogynephiles look like women because of the powerful sexual reward they get from performing as and even being accepted as such. All of these are absolutely rooted in sex.

While female sex drive differs from male, the same holds true. Women adopt feminine ‘gender stereotypes’ in order to ‘make themselves attractive’ — to men. Conventional lesbians adopt masculine stereotypes to attract women. ‘Lipstick lesbians’ are the equivalent of the New Gay Man — hiding in plain sight and hoping to meet someone else playing the same game.

All of these presentations are driven by sex and specifically, whom we wish to have sex with. This causes us to adopt a ‘gender expression’ that will socially conform to this, in order that we might succeed in attracting our desired partner.

Notions of pre-existing ‘gender identity’, alleged to exist outwith sexuality, are pie-in-the-sky without a shred of actual evidence to support them. Worse, they are a politically-inspired dogma, promulgated by those who benefit from others’ belief in it.

Gender is real; it is not a social construct that can be dispensed with at our whim, or the will of others. Nor is it something that can just be chosen. It depends on our sexuality and that is, essentially, innate. We don’t choose whom we are attracted to; we just are. Whom we are attracted to informs how we appear to others and that is gender.

The more often the lies of ‘gender identity’ and  that ‘gender and sexuality are unrelated’ is repeated, the more human disasters there will be, the more unnecessary mutilations, ruined lives and suicides. The sheer irresponsibility of ‘trans activists’ in this is staggering.

Gender Identity does not exist: Explaining Transgender 3 was originally published on Rod Fleming’s World


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