Transgender, Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage

Transgender,  Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage


Autogynephilia, defined as ‘a man’s propensity to become sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’ is the primary cause of male to feminine transgender expressions. It occurs all over the world but takes different forms depending on the local cultures.

In the West, autogynephilia is most often seen amongst middle-aged men. Today, as our culture changes, that remains the case, though there are larger numbers of younger autogynephiles, some even transitioning in their teens — which would have been exceptional only a decade or so ago. Nevertheless, most transition, that is, begin living as and appearing to be women, above the age of 25.

Western autogynephiles or AGPs are characterised by a visceral intolerance of any suggestion that they might not be ‘real women’, no matter how absurd such a claim might be.

It is quite clearly nonsense for a 65-year-old former Olympic athlete, a father, who has been married most of his life, to claim that he has ‘always been a woman’ or that he has a ‘female body’.

Yet challenging this obvious lunacy will typically provoke a vicious, personalised attack that may well become physical. Why does this happen? Why are autogynephiles incapable of discussing their condition rationally?

The reason is that by questioning it, the other party demolishes their carefully-constructed and nurtured fantasies of themselves as women. The simple suggestion that they might not be ‘real women’ is enough to set off an extreme over-reaction. This, of course, is an illustration of how implausible their case actually is.

The Narcissistic Rage Attack

The fantasy they inhabit is the core of their very selves, their own identities. The merest suggestion that it might not be accurate, because it is so lacking in substance, causes their façade of pseudo-femininity to collapse. The pseudo-female second personality that they have been carefully tending and nurturing for years or, more likely, decades, just vanishes. The consequence is a Narcissistic Rage Response which is typically violent and destructive. The autogynephile so provoked will do everything possible to silence the perceived enemy and worse, to ruin his life.

The experience Dr Michael Bailey suffered, when he was falsely accused of professional delinquency, having sex with a research subject, carrying out research without the proper permits, providing mental health services without a licence and even paedophilia with his own daughter, was absolutely typical. The intention of his autogynephilic attackers was not merely to counter his ideas but to eradicate his very being.

Thankfully, Bailey was cleared of all the trumped-up charges; but most people would wonder what could possibly provoke other people — in his case, other senior academics — to such extreme dishonesty and personal defamation.

The answer is that Bailey, simply by presenting the science in a readable and easily understood manner, provoked a Narcissistic Rage Attack.

I made this video in response to an interview with Dr Bailey HERE

Transgender, Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage was originally published on Rod Fleming's World


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