YouTube Posts: 23-30 July 2017

29 July 2017


Abandoning Atheism 2: More thoughts

In my last video I discussed why I no longer feel comfortable calling myself an atheist. This is only partly because it’s an unscientific position. It is, more importantly, a political position that plays into the hands of those who wish to destroy Western civilisation, the finest on the planet.



25 July 2017


Why I abandoned atheism

Christianity is the only power in the world that has ever stood and fought for Western civilisation and culture. And make no mistake, this is the finest culture the world has ever seen. Cultures are not equal; like humans, some are better than others.

The fashionable ‘New Atheists’ like Richard Dawkins, whom I respect, are contributing to the demise of Western culture by undermining its philosophical and cultural basis. Our enemies delight in this.

I will never be able to believe in a deity, but I will stand alongside the Christians. The fact is they are right; we are approaching a confluence of disasters, some of our own making but others not, which, if we do not do something now, will destroy Western Civilisation. And then, night will fall on Earth.

Some while I cannot be a believer, no longer can I be an atheist. I have always been an agnostic in the strictest sense, after Huxley. But now I call myself a Secular Christian, to acknowledge the debt I owe to a religion that has stood for so long against the forces of evil and permitted our culture to exist at all.



One thought on “YouTube Posts: 23-30 July 2017

  1. Great article (again!) Rod…

    I agree without Christianity and its moral foundations and to a lesser degree TORAH Judaism + prior to that Roman-Greco thinking was important. We would not have Western Civilization.

    Western Civilization and culture is the greatest (I say this as a mixed person/mixed heritage), we are sending men to the moon/mission to mars and advance space crafts to distant planet, curing the most awful diseases and so and so on.

    Without it much of the modern world and the Modernization of East Asia would NOT have happened. Dubai and the Gulf States would NOT have happened, and Oil in the Gulf Arab Countries and their Extraction would likely not have happened!

    Even today MANY culture would NOT have sparked their own Industrial revolution and enlightenment Indigenously, their something Unique about Western Culture (See PDF Link below).

    Also I have noticed a lot of Non-Whites especially SOME Blacks / Muslims and SOME South Asians dislike Western Civilization, it so Awesome, they want it BUT cannot replicate it themselves, so they hate it (it does not make sense, but there you go)! I think Jordan Peterson once said generally people that cannot aspire to a high level become Envious/Jealous and eventually have a hate towards the Western Culture. The Irony if you look at Israel/Dubai/Some Gulf Countries they are developed primarily because of Western Culture and look at Saudi/Egypt its a no Brainer. They hate Israel because it was Islamic but it then got Westernized and developed a superior Culture/Nation/Society, they want it, can’t have it so they HATE IT! I think its mainly the East Asians that like Western Culture (on average) BTW I see Latin America as more or less within the Western Sphere not sure on you take!

    Also Until a Culture SELF-REFLECTS and SELF ACTUALIZES that culture/people cannot change/evolve, this is why the Western and East Asian culture did. This is why the CULTURAL MARXISTS and their SJM Pigeons hate the West and increasingly East Asian Cultures. Both Cultures and Logical/Sound and Rational Cultures and Cultures that HAVE gone through Modernization! No other Culture has done that!

    I firmly believe the West will not fall (however I see in the coming years/decade BLOOD on the Street of the West due to Insane Immigration policies) I see more and more Lefties coming over to Logic. I see Islamic Terror in the West and Black Terror (BLM) in America, becoming more and more apparent, there will eventually be a push back. Also because Western Civilization was largely built by Europeans mainly European men of most Christian Background and to a Lesser degree Jewish Background this is there is some hate towards whites (Especially from Blacks and Muslims, also Anti-Semitism is rife in though two communities) in the West, despite them building the West! (Its Crazy Rod, can’t these Idiots see the failing of their emotions)!


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