How gay lifestyle destroys transsexuals

maxresdefaultThe New Gay Man lifestyle is based on organised, clandestine pederasty and the ruthless exploitation of boys. Within it, young boys are seduced by older pederasts. When they become older themselves, and so unattractive, they become the erastes to a new generation of erominos in turn.

In contrast to the Greek system, however, these individuals are not training boys to be men, but only to be pederasts like themselves.

Young feminine homosexual boys want real heterosexual men, but there is ZERO chance of them getting one, as ‘gay boys’. Absolutely none. So they are thrown to the pederasts of the New Gay Man lifestyle, which has managed to persuade legislators of its innocence. There is an escape route, though.

Straight men and HSTS

Feminine homosexual males sit on a scale of development, or an aetiology, with Male-to-Feminine (MtF) Homosexual Transsexuals (HSTS), or transwomen.
Contrary to what you might think, there are many straight men who would willingly have a relationship with such transwoman, as long as she satisfied his expectations of femininity. This is not homophobia; it’s just a reflection of the fact that heterosexual men avoid physical relationships with other men. They are attracted to femininity and repulsed by masculinity. Even the attenuated masculinity of a feminine homosexual boy is enough to trigger their revulsion response.
That such men exist, and in increasing numbers, is clear from observing situations where HSTS transwomen congregate and by discussing this with them. And this has a cumulative effect: the more men are prepared to be the partners of MtF transsexuals, the more young HSTS are encouraged to transition.
The old threat of a miserable, lonely life as a transwoman is paper-thin, today. The ever-popular, glib solace that this fate can so easily be avoided simply by being a good boy, doing as the doctor tells you and donating your body and life to the pederasts of the New Gay Man lifestyle, simply will not wash, now,. There are too many publicly visible HSTS transwomen in successful relationships with straight men. At the same time, the reality of the New Gay Man meat-market has become increasingly hard to conceal and its true, exploitative nature is more and more revealed.
The young people we are talking about are not fools: they know that the visible ones are but the tip of the iceberg. Across social media and in private chat-rooms, they discover others who have walked the same path, successfully, and are now living happily as women.

Today that means, for such a boy, attracted to straight men, the largest potential dating pool can be accessed by transitioning into a convincing woman and not by remaining a gay boy. And now, he knows it.

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Finding a House in France

Actually finding your house is one of the most exciting phases of the whole process of acquiring your French Dream Home.

The doorstep that is two inches too low to prevent the quagmire outside seeping into the house, the drainage system made of two-inch pipe that turns the courtyard into a lake when it blocks, which of course it will do several times every winter, the dripping and split gutters, the multitude of little leaks in the roof, the rising damp and the access road that has turned into a single-lane swamp.

Others have no desire to do this, and will be happy to look for their dream house in areas where a British number plate is so rare as to cause heads to turn, wishing to be close to the “real” France that they have fallen in love with.

However, it is quite common for the same property to be marketed through several Estate Agents, and you may be asked to sign a paper confirming that you will make your offer through the agent who lets you view the property. Indeed, since it is not exactly unheard-of for a prospective buyer to make an offer directly to the owner, in order to avoid paying agency fees, you may be asked to sign such a paper even if the house is exclusively marketed by that agent.

Houses which have remained on the books for a long time, or which the agent really does not think will sell easily, are often relegated to a huge filing cabinet full of dog-eared files. Houses which form part of an estate attract inheritance tax, but no tax is payable so long as the house is being actively marketed. So it often happens that owners who would like to continue to use the house they have been left but who would rather not pay the tax, lodge the house with an estate agent at a vastly inflated price which they have no real chance of being offered. Estate agents are wise to this, and such houses often find their way onto the back shelf. The agent has no interest in repeatedly showing houses to people whom they think are unlikely to buy them.

If you, as a buyer, have no clear idea what it is that you want — just that you want a house for 150,000 Euros, say- then the agent will just take a stab at what might suit you, and the chances that this will be on target are pretty slim. Being able to say “We would like a house in a village, maximum price XX, with X bedrooms, a small garden and a garage” will give your agent much more help and so will probably find you a house more quickly. You will see many houses, you will have endless long chats with pleasant agents, you will learn a lot about the area, and you may even stumble on a house you want to buy. Ask yourself why the house has not been marketed through an agent.

Having said that, the author knows of several houses which were purchased privately, in one of two ways – either by the traditional method of a sign with a phone number in the window, through private adverts, and more recently through the internet.

This presents a grave problem for the buyer who is inexperienced in looking at older houses. Therefore we strongly advise that you pay heed to the above section about bargaining, for the only real guide to the true value of a house is that it is the most you are prepared to pay for it and at the same time the least the seller is prepared to take for it.

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Homosexual, Bisexual and ‘Not-Men’.

Any man who willingly has sex with a woman is NOT homosexual. Period. That is because ‘homosexual’ means ‘someone exclusively attracted to same sex from childhood’. A man who willingly has sex with both men and women is bisexual, irrespective of how he describes himself. That applies also to those men who ‘discover’ they are ‘gay’ in later life, after years of marriage. They’re bisexual, not homosexual.

Homosexual male does not equal ‘gay’

Homosexual males are attracted to masculinity, because they have an inversion of sexuality. However,  ‘gay’ is actually a lifestyle which comprises homosexual men but also bisexuals, ephebephiles and hebophiles (attracted to teenage boys, basically) non-trans autogynephiles whose fetish for ‘being a woman’ is being penetrated, super-masculine narcissistic homosexuals and even others. And these are all real things, not airhead genders. There is no one ‘homosexual’ lifestyle, despite the ongoing efforts of the New Gay Man thought police to ensure everyone (actually, everyone at all) is properly ensconced under their appropriate label in the LBTQalphabet permitted lifestyle and orientation set.

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DSM-V Gender Dysphoria


This is the chapter describing gender dysphoria in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association. Posted for educational purposes, fodder for discussion, etc. I’m not endorsing what’s written here, I just think people ought to be able to read what clinicians are writing about this subject.

Gender Dysphoria

In this chapter, there is one overarching diagnosis of gender dysphoria, with sepa­rate developmentally appropriate criteria sets for children and for adolescents and adults. The area of sex and gender is highly controversial and has led to a proliferation of terms whose meanings vary over time and within and between disciplines. An additional source of confusion is that in English “sex” connotes both male/female and sexuality. This chapter employs constructs and terms as they are widely used by clinicians from various disci­plines with specialization in this area. In this chapter, sex and…

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Debunking the Blank Slate

blank slate debunkedGender is innate and evolved; it is not the result of ‘socialisation’, as the blank slate ideology contests.  No serious scientist believes the blank slate hypothesis now, other than a few contrarians who allow their political beliefs to overshadow their rigour. The notion that gender — along with a raft of human behaviours — is ‘socialised’ has been completely, comprehensively and utterly debunked, for over 60 years.

Anyone who has experience of dealing with animals knows that male and female animals are very different, not just in the way that they look, but the way that they behave. In other words, they display innate gendered behavioural traits. Males tend to be more aggressive, females more nurturing.

This applies no less to humans.


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