SOGIE is a lie. Sexuality and gender are inseparable

SOGIE stands for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression’. It is a crock of self-serving, unscientific nonsense. Read the full story at


SOGIE, basically, posits — contrary to what you might think — that sexual orientation — whom you want to have sex with — and your gender are separated. Further that your sense of gender identity and your expression of that are also unrelated. So a person who looks like a man, behaves like a man, sexually desires women like a man, can still ‘identify’ as a woman — and everybody else just has to go along with this. But it is  utter nonsense. Sexuality and gender are two sides of the same coin and they CANNOT be separated.

A  standard explanation of ‘SOGIE’ is at the bottom, with my comments on it.


SOGIE has its roots principally in the writing of Michel Foucault, a French philosopher who specialised in obscurantism. He was a masochistic homosexual who was obsessed with death and suicide, and who died of AIDS. That seems fitting.

Michel Foucault. Any resemblance to Nosferatu the Vampire is probably intentional.

Though he was not the only culprit, Foucault is really the ‘father’ of the USican version of ‘Post-Modernism’. In essence this holds that there is no such thing as objective reality, only the narratives of people; and every narrative is equally valid. It specifically denies the existence of objective reality.

I think it’s important to fully grasp what that means: objective reality and the tool we used to quantify it, science, are, according to this bunk, meaningless. Only people’s reported experiences and feelings matter. ‘Narrative’ is primate and facts must be modified to fit with it.

Post-Modernism, then, is a fancy name for ‘touchy-feeliness.’

In this, no matter what we can be observed to be, we are what we say we are. Unless of course, we break one of the internal rules. So a man can claim to be a woman and that’s all white, but if a white woman claims to be a black one, the sky will fall in.

Read the full story HERE

Author: Rod Fleming

I am a Scottish multimedia artist and writer, with a long career as a freelance journalist and photographer. I have held staff and executive positions in the national print media.  I write books on a variety of topics in both fiction and non-fiction. I am  active as a writer, photographer, printmaker and publisher. I graduated with Bachelor of Art with Honours from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983, majoring in sculpture and also pursuing life-drawing, printmaking and film-making. After graduation I worked  in film-making before returning to photography. Subsequently I worked for a number of national titles on staff and nearly all, as well as internationally, as a freelance. I was one of the launch crew for Scotland On Sunday, and became Picture Editor there. During this time I also pursued Journalism Studies through Napier University in Edinburgh. I graduated with a Master of Fine Art degree from Dundee University in 2011, where my practical area was photography and printmaking, especially photogravure. I have four children by my first wife, all grown up, and I live in southeast Asia with my partner.

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